Thursday, 13 September 2018

It’s hard to believe that it is already Term 4. This is always the busiest one!
Image result for cartoon kids playingOur Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Looking Back’.  The unit focuses on the following big ideas:
  • School life for children has changed over time
  • Changes in technology have impacted on the way we play, live and communicate
  • Life today has similarities and differences to how our parents and grandparents lived.
The children will investigate how childhood has changed from the past to the present, how technology affects life and will make comparisons between their life and their grandparents’ childhood.
In Literacy the students will be reading traditional tales and narratives and writing innovations on these stories.  We will continue to use the 7 Steps of Writing Program to create narrative texts, focussing on endings. In Week 2 the whole school focus will be on poetry and we will be exposed to many different types of poetry and participating in a variety of activities. Narrative texts will be the focus of our Big Write.  Prior to the Big Write please continue to discuss the ‘Talk Homework’ with your child.  Reading Centres will continue with the emphasis on developing comprehension skills.
The Mathematics program will continue to focus on the processes and mental strategies, place value, money and fractions. Measurement activities will include exploration of mass, location and capacity. We will continue to work on problem solving strategies.
Swimming lessons will commence on Monday 19th November and conclude on Friday 30th November.
During computer sessions, students will further develop their ICT skills using the program ‘2Create a Superstory’. We will also introduce coding and general processing skills through the use of ‘Beebots’.

Diary Dates:
    Image result for cartoon calendar
  • Wednesday 24th October: Grandparents Day
  • Thursday 25th October: Spelling Bee
  • Monday 29th October: 1C and 1A Mrs Sargood in-visit
  • Wednesday 31st October: 1D and 1B Mrs Sargood in-visit
  • Thursday 8th November: Old Fashion School Day
  • Monday 12th November: 1A and 1B Como House
  • Wednesday 14th November: 1C and 1D Como House
  • Monday 19th – 30th November: Year 1 Swimming
  • Wednesday 12th December: School Concert
  • Thursday 13th December: Supreme Incursions – History of Toys
We are looking forward to another great term.

Year 1 Teachers

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Year 1 Term 3 Happenings


This term we have been investigating the weather. ‘Hands On’ Science visited the Year Ones on the 8th and 9th of August. The children had the opportunity to be scientists and conducted a variety of experiments, such as simulating the water cycle, creating a tornado and explore how rain causes erosion.

We were then visited by the Port Phillip Eco Centre to investigate how Indigenous Australians measure the seasons. We had the opportunity to taste native bush tucker such as Warrigal Greens and Lemon Myrtle Tea.

Throughout the term, each child took on the role of a weather presenter. They reported to their class the daily weather conditions and how this would influence their lifestyle.

As part of our school’s Expert in Residence program, the Year Ones participated in an eight week mindfulness program conducted by Anne Love. Their practice included mindful breathing, mindful bodies, mindful eating and mindful listening.

The Fairytale Fiasco in-visit was a wonderful way to introduce the children to the exciting world of narratives. The children dressed up as different characters and became part of the story themselves!

Monday, 25 June 2018

What's on for Term 3

Year 1: What’s on for Term 3

Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Wicked Weather’.  Students will be investigating 

day/night and the seasons, how weather changes throughout the year and around the world and the weather’s effect on our daily activities.  We will study the 24 hour cycle.  A range of science experiments will be undertaken to explain and demonstrate weather phenomena and students will record their findings.  An exciting science show, ‘Weather’ presented by ‘Hands on Science’ on 8 and 9th August, will provide students with activities to reinforce their understandings about weather.  Other aspects to be covered will be investigating how Indigenous Australians measure the seasons. 

Our Mathematics program continues to develop the students’ proficiency in number, place value, addition and subtraction and the interrelationship between them. Measurement areas to be covered include time and location. 

In Literacy, the students will be reading traditional tales and narratives to analyse their structure. This will assist the children to write their own narratives. Recounts and poetry will further enrich the program. 
As part of the VCOP Program we will continue to use ‘Big Writes’. Prior to a ‘Big Write’ your child will bring home a note outlining the writing stimulus and discussion suggestions for you to help your child generate ideas for their writing (‘Talk Homework’).          

We will continue to using the laptops for our ICT program using Word, PowerPoint, 2Create, Superstory and Paint.
Diary Dates:
o   July 18: Whole school dress-Up day for the Musical
o   July 25: Drama Toolbox ‘Fairytale Fiasco’
o   July 29: Year One Working Bee
o   August 8-9: ‘Weather’ In-Visit from ‘Hands on Science’
o   August 21-23: ‘One Little Cup’ School Musical
o   August 30: In-visit Port Phillip Eco Centre focussing on the indigenous perspective of the seasons
o   September 21: Footy Fever Day

We look forward to a terrific Term 3!

Year 1 Teachers J

What's happened in Term 2

Term 2

As part of our investigation of how all living things have a life cycle we had a visit from Sharon at Butterfly Adventures. She brought with her a pop-up enclosure that we could sit inside and interact very closely with the butterflies. We were able to observe their proboscis uncurling to take a drink and feel the tiny hooks on the end of their legs as the butterflies rested on our hands.

Each class had two chrysalises so we they were able to follow the life cycle in real time and even see butterflies hatching! They then were able to observe their features up close and determine if they were male or female.
Following on from this we visited IMAX to watch ‘The Flight of the Butterfly’. The 3D experience enabled everyone to feel like they were flying along with the butterflies. We also found out further information on the threats to the butterflies’ survival. The children then were able to write a detailed information report using their knowledge of butterflies.

We have learnt about how animals depend on each other for survival and how food chains work and investigated the life cycle of other living creatures.
Then we turned our focus to the habitats in our local area. The students observed Elster Creek and the changes that have taken place over time and have caused a loss of habitat for native animals. Following on from this the children created posters highlighting the importance of caring for our environment and ways in which everyone can help.
Going further with our investigation the children used their knowledge and understandings to create their own imaginary creature. They determined a suitable habitat, diet and life cycle for their creature and presented it in a triorama.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Fit for Life

Fit for Life
The Year Ones have been learning about why we need to be active, what happens to our body when we are physically active, the different activities we can do and the equal importance of rest and sleep.
Gavin from the Drama Toolbox visited our school to teach us what happens to our body when we are active and why it’s important to be active and stay healthy. The children learnt about the different parts of the human body; the brain (neurons), lungs, red and white blood cells and the digestive system. The children dressed up as the different body parts, and were instructed on how to act when the body is functioning well compared to when they don't get much sleep and have a poor diet.
In class we have learned more about how resting and getting enough sleep affects our health and well- being.  We learned that children need 10 hours or more sleep a night to grow and thrive!
To reinforce the key understandings of rest and relaxation, the children experienced 4 sessions with ‘Chief’ Paul from Yoganauts. These sessions taught the children about focus, balance, teamwork, positive growth and breathing techniques through a fun and integrated mind and movement program.
As part of this unit we also investigated how to stay Sunsmart. The children undertook a range of experiments to show the importance of being vigilant while enjoying their time outdoors. They thoroughly enjoyed learning the Sunsmart slogan of ‘Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide’!

To reflect on this unit, the children created a personal pledge and also designed a holiday exercise and relaxation routine to empower them to act on what they have learnt.

Year 1 Yoga

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Term 1

What’s on in Year 1 for Term 1?

Dear Parents,

The Year 1 teachers would like to welcome everyone. We are looking forward to an enjoyable and exciting time together.

Our Inquiry Unit this term is called “Fit for Life”. The children will learn about how an active lifestyle improves our feeling of wellbeing. During this unit we will promote the idea that a variety of physical activities are available in our local community. Our in-visit will be with The Drama Toolbox presenting ‘Body Investigators’ on Wednesday 28th February during which we will be looking at the physical changes which occur in our body when we are active. Also we will be participating in a 4 week program beginning 1st March to establish how rest and relaxation is important for our health. This will be run by ‘Yoganauts”.

The handwriting focus for this term will be to reinforce and establish correct work habits as well as re-visit starting points and spacing. Correct pencil grips will be demonstrated and reinforced.
Time will be spent building up high frequency sight words and basic sound graphs, digraphs and blends to assist with the development of both reading and writing skills. The writing focus will be on recounts and procedural texts.

In Literacy we will begin with establishing children’s current reading level. Following this we will commence our reading groups and will be developing their range of reading strategies and ability to comprehend texts.

Please put aside time to read with your child on a daily basis as this home/school partnership is of utmost importance. Strive to make this an enjoyable and stress free time.

The Maths focus for the term is on counting, which includes work on odd and even numbers, money, and basic number patterns.  Work on place value will commence and continue throughout the year. In Measurement, 2D shapes, ‘Days of the Week’ and ‘Months’ will be covered.

Regular weekly homework will focus on daily reading, which includes reading by, with and to your child. Please record the daily reading in your child’s diary under the date the take home book is read. The diary will be checked weekly by the teacher. When Spelling homework commences this will need to be completed nightly.

Looking forward to a terrific term,
Year One Team