Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Term 1

What’s on in Year 1 for Term 1?

Dear Parents,

The Year 1 teachers would like to welcome everyone. We are looking forward to an enjoyable and exciting time together.

Our Inquiry Unit this term is called “Fit for Life”. The children will learn about how an active lifestyle improves our feeling of wellbeing. During this unit we will promote the idea that a variety of physical activities are available in our local community. Our in-visit will be with The Drama Toolbox presenting ‘Body Investigators’ on Wednesday 28th February during which we will be looking at the physical changes which occur in our body when we are active. Also we will be participating in a 4 week program beginning 1st March to establish how rest and relaxation is important for our health. This will be run by ‘Yoganauts”.

The handwriting focus for this term will be to reinforce and establish correct work habits as well as re-visit starting points and spacing. Correct pencil grips will be demonstrated and reinforced.
Time will be spent building up high frequency sight words and basic sound graphs, digraphs and blends to assist with the development of both reading and writing skills. The writing focus will be on recounts and procedural texts.

In Literacy we will begin with establishing children’s current reading level. Following this we will commence our reading groups and will be developing their range of reading strategies and ability to comprehend texts.

Please put aside time to read with your child on a daily basis as this home/school partnership is of utmost importance. Strive to make this an enjoyable and stress free time.

The Maths focus for the term is on counting, which includes work on odd and even numbers, money, and basic number patterns.  Work on place value will commence and continue throughout the year. In Measurement, 2D shapes, ‘Days of the Week’ and ‘Months’ will be covered.

Regular weekly homework will focus on daily reading, which includes reading by, with and to your child. Please record the daily reading in your child’s diary under the date the take home book is read. The diary will be checked weekly by the teacher. When Spelling homework commences this will need to be completed nightly.

Looking forward to a terrific term,
Year One Team