Thursday, 13 September 2018

It’s hard to believe that it is already Term 4. This is always the busiest one!
Image result for cartoon kids playingOur Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Looking Back’.  The unit focuses on the following big ideas:
  • School life for children has changed over time
  • Changes in technology have impacted on the way we play, live and communicate
  • Life today has similarities and differences to how our parents and grandparents lived.
The children will investigate how childhood has changed from the past to the present, how technology affects life and will make comparisons between their life and their grandparents’ childhood.
In Literacy the students will be reading traditional tales and narratives and writing innovations on these stories.  We will continue to use the 7 Steps of Writing Program to create narrative texts, focussing on endings. In Week 2 the whole school focus will be on poetry and we will be exposed to many different types of poetry and participating in a variety of activities. Narrative texts will be the focus of our Big Write.  Prior to the Big Write please continue to discuss the ‘Talk Homework’ with your child.  Reading Centres will continue with the emphasis on developing comprehension skills.
The Mathematics program will continue to focus on the processes and mental strategies, place value, money and fractions. Measurement activities will include exploration of mass, location and capacity. We will continue to work on problem solving strategies.
Swimming lessons will commence on Monday 19th November and conclude on Friday 30th November.
During computer sessions, students will further develop their ICT skills using the program ‘2Create a Superstory’. We will also introduce coding and general processing skills through the use of ‘Beebots’.

Diary Dates:
    Image result for cartoon calendar
  • Wednesday 24th October: Grandparents Day
  • Thursday 25th October: Spelling Bee
  • Monday 29th October: 1C and 1A Mrs Sargood in-visit
  • Wednesday 31st October: 1D and 1B Mrs Sargood in-visit
  • Thursday 8th November: Old Fashion School Day
  • Monday 12th November: 1A and 1B Como House
  • Wednesday 14th November: 1C and 1D Como House
  • Monday 19th – 30th November: Year 1 Swimming
  • Wednesday 12th December: School Concert
  • Thursday 13th December: Supreme Incursions – History of Toys
We are looking forward to another great term.

Year 1 Teachers