Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Year 1 Term 3 Happenings


This term we have been investigating the weather. ‘Hands On’ Science visited the Year Ones on the 8th and 9th of August. The children had the opportunity to be scientists and conducted a variety of experiments, such as simulating the water cycle, creating a tornado and explore how rain causes erosion.

We were then visited by the Port Phillip Eco Centre to investigate how Indigenous Australians measure the seasons. We had the opportunity to taste native bush tucker such as Warrigal Greens and Lemon Myrtle Tea.

Throughout the term, each child took on the role of a weather presenter. They reported to their class the daily weather conditions and how this would influence their lifestyle.

As part of our school’s Expert in Residence program, the Year Ones participated in an eight week mindfulness program conducted by Anne Love. Their practice included mindful breathing, mindful bodies, mindful eating and mindful listening.

The Fairytale Fiasco in-visit was a wonderful way to introduce the children to the exciting world of narratives. The children dressed up as different characters and became part of the story themselves!

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