Wednesday, 18 September 2019

This term, the Year 1’s studied the similarities and differences in the lives of people of various generations. They invited their grandparents or older relatives to school to discover how life has changed over time. The grandparents brought along a toy, an article or photo as well as lots of memories from their youth to share with the children.  The children conducted interviews with them during their visit to further their understanding of lifestyles of past generations. 


The Year 1 students then performed a number of songs for their visitors in the hall. The grandparents enjoyed songs such as ‘When I’m 64’ and our school song. Morning tea was then served for our special visitors with many grandparents enjoying recess outside with their grandchild.
We were thrilled that so many grandparents and older relatives were able to join us!

The students visited Como Estate and were given the opportunity to step back in time by participating in a guided tour of the mansion, doing olden day chores, playing old fashioned games and being detectives by identifying various objects from the past.

Mrs Sargood visited to give the students a glimpse of what her life at Ripponlea Mansion consisted of 100 years ago. They experienced writing with pen and ink and realised the difficulty in maintaining neatness.

The students also participated in a Victorian School Day coming dressed up in olden day outfits. They stepped back in time into our transformed ‘old fashioned’ classrooms, using all the old rules and teaching methods. They then got to take part in a wide range of activities, such as participating in old fashioned games and art activities. Their playlunch and lunch also reflected what a child would have eaten 100 years ago at school E.g. a simple vegemite or jam sandwich wrapped in greaseproof paper with a piece of fruit in a paper bag.  

This term’s unit of inquiry has really given the children a glimpse of what it would have been like to go to school one hundred years ago!

Friday, 13 September 2019

It’s hard to believe that it is already Term 4. This is always the busiest one!

Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Animal Safari’.  The unit focuses on the central idea:
·    All living things have a cycle of growth and depend on each other and the environment.
The children will investigate that:
  • Every animal has a life cycle to ensure its survival
  • We depend on the food chain to survive
  • When habitats change some living things can no longer have their needs met.

We will utilise our unit as the basis for information reports and persuasive writing and as part of our Big Write.

In Literacy the students will continue reading and writing narratives with a focus on endings. They will also be writing innovations on known stories and revisiting information reports. Narrative texts will be the focus of our Big Write. Prior to the Big Write please continue to discuss the ‘Talk Homework’ with your child.  In Reading Centres we will focus on developing comprehension skills and expanding vocabulary. In Spelling, the children will be learning new digraphs and continue working on their own ‘BOB’ words taken from their writing. Please ensure the homework is completed nightly to reinforce the school program.

In Mathematics, the students will be learning about fractions, sharing, 3D shapes, capacity, mass, location and continue to build their problem solving strategies.

Our Expert in Residence program will recommence this term, where the students will further explore coding through the use of Beebots. During computer sessions, the students will create a PowerPoint presentation utilising their knowledge from our inquiry unit and report style texts.

Swimming lessons will commence on Monday 18th November and conclude on Friday 29th November.

Important Diary Dates:
  • Monday 21st October – 11th November – Weekly Friendship Program
  • Wednesday 23rd October: Butterfly Adventures in-visit
  • Thursday 31st October: Spelling Bee
  • Thursday 7th November: Melbourne Museum/IMAX Theatre Excursion
  • Monday 18th – 29th November: Year 1 Swimming
  • Wednesday 4th December: Water bugs in-visit
  • Wednesday 11th December: School Concert


We are looking forward to another great term.

 Year 1 Teachers J

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Year 1: What’s on in Term 3

Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Looking Back’. The unit focuses on the following big ideas:
·    School life for children has changed over time
·    Changes in technology have impacted on the way we play, live and communicate
·    Life today has similarities and differences to how our parents and grandparents lived.

The children will investigate how childhood has changed from the past to the present, how technology affects life and will make comparisons between their life and their grandparents’ childhood.
Our Mathematics program continues to develop the students’ proficiency in number, place value, addition and subtraction and the interrelationship between them. Measurement areas to be covered include time and data. 

In Literacy, the students will be reading traditional tales and narratives to analyse their structure. This will assist the children to write their own narratives. Recounts and poetry will further enrich the program. 
As part of the VCOP Program we will continue to use ‘Big Writes’. Prior to a ‘Big Write’ your child will bring home a note outlining the writing stimulus and discussion suggestions for you to help your child generate ideas for their writing (‘Talk Homework’).          

During computer sessions, students will further develop their ICT skills using the program ‘2Create a Superstory’. We will continue coding and general processing skills through the use of ‘Beebots’.

Diary Dates:
  • Sunday 28th July: Year One Working Bee
  • Tuesday 30h July: Grandparents’ Day
  • Tuesday 6th August: Ridiculous Rhyme Show
  • Monday 12th August: 1C and 1B Mrs Sargood in-visit
  • Wednesday 14th August: 1D and 1A Mrs Sargood in-visit
  • Friday 16th August: Curriculum Day
  • Monday 19th August: 1A and 1C Como House
  • Wednesday 21st August: 1B and 1D Como House
  • Thursday 29th August: Old Fashioned School Day
  • Thursday 5th September: Supreme Incursions – History of Toys
  • Friday 20th September: Footy Fever Day

We are looking forward to another great term.

Year 1 Teachers

Friday, 5 April 2019

Fit for Life

The Year Ones have been learning about why we need to be active, what happens to our body when we are physically active, the different activities we can do and the equal importance of rest and sleep.

Kate from the Drama Toolbox visited our school to teach us what happens to our body when we are active and why it’s important to be active and stay healthy. The children learnt about the different parts of the human body; the brain (neurons), lungs, red and white blood cells and the digestive system. The children dressed up as the different body parts, and were instructed on how to act when the body is functioning well compared to when they don't get much sleep and have a poor diet.

In class we have learned more about how rest and adequate sleep affects our health and well- being.  We learned that children need 10 hours or more sleep a night to grow and thrive!
To reinforce the key understandings of rest and relaxation, the children experienced 4 sessions with ‘Chief’ Paul from Yoganauts. These sessions taught the children about focus, balance, teamwork, positive growth and breathing techniques through a fun and integrated mind and movement program.